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Atlassian Training

Maximize your investment in Jira by giving your user base the training they need

Jira Software
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Jira Service Management
Confluence Essentials

In this course, you will learn -

  • How to use Confluence to collaborate with co-workers

  • How to create, format, and manage content in Confluence

  • How to organize content and create reports in Confluence

Learn everything you need to get started with Confluence

This hands-on training course is built for any Confluence end-user, helping you learn the basics. Create, edit, and format pages. Share content and collaborate with team members. Organize pages so they are easy to find later. Use macros to make beautiful and functional content. Get started with Confluence basics today to advance your team’s collaboration, productivity, and knowledge management.

This course is designed for any Confluence user looking to build their skills. No prior Confluence experience is necessary.

Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset

In this course, you will learn -

  • Agile principles and methodologies

  • How to use Jira to organize, find, and report on your work

  • How to configure Jira to match your team’s agile processes

Improve your team’s processes with agile principles and methodologies

This hands-on training course provides a solid foundation for developing an agile mindset. It introduces agile principles and methodologies and uses Jira as a tool to practice agile-related concepts. This course is important because using agile processes and tools without understanding the “why” can lead to ineffective teams and processes. Learners will have access to a hands-on lab for real-world practice and application.

This course is designed for anyone that is new to Jira and using agile principles and methodologies. There is no suggested pre-work for this course. This course is designed for Cloud, Data Center, and Server customers.


Jira and Confluence Together

In this course, you will learn -

  • How to enable teams to manage projects across

  • Jira and Confluence

  • How to link and create

  • Jira issues in Confluence

  • How to access Jira reporting information in Confluenc

Combine project management and team collaboration with Jira and Confluence together
This hands-on training course helps you learn the basics of integrating both applications. Create Jira issues directly from Confluence. Link Jira issues to Confluence pages. Build reports across both platforms. Bring knowledge management and work management together to improve team efficiency and tracking.

This course is designed for Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Program Managers, Product Owners, Product Managers, Jira and Confluence application administrators, Jira and Confluence users. Before taking this course, we suggest you take Jira Essentials, Confluence Essentials, or have equivalent experience.


  • Course Overview

  • Why Integrate Jira and Confluence?

  • Linking Issues and Pages

  • Creating Issues Using Confluence

  • Product Requirements Blueprint

  • Reporting Jira Information in Confluence

This team course includes a hands-on lab environment for up to 15 attendees.

Every Jira-using team is different, so should be training.
We emphasize...

Ease of Use & Adaptability
for both experienced and new users

Clean Data & Process Efficiency
Atlassian tools are most effective when the data can roll up to the larger story. It's paramount

Effective Documentation
for continued learning / reference


Provides hands-on experience and understanding of being a proficient user of Jira Core and Jira Software. Best for new Jira users and experienced Jira users needing use case training. It covers…

Course Goals:

  • Jira’s fundamentals and concepts

  • Basic workflow/task management

  • Preparing for Jira administration training


Implementing an Enterprise Wiki is a key part of knowledge management. Confluence covers these needs and allows you to manage spaces, pages, news, comments, etc. From this training, you will learn how to create, edit, share and customize your Confluence content.

Course Goals:

  • Learn how to use Confluence’s basic functionalities

  • Customize your knowledgebase environment


Beyond teaching the basic concepts of Jira Service Management, you’ll learn how to manage incidents, problems and change requests through powerful SLA queues.You will learn how to build an efficient solution for your agents with a simple interface for the end user.

Course Goals:

  • Understand how to use Jira as a Service Management solution

  • Manage the stakes of a Jira-based Service Management deployment


Jira Software/Core is an open project tracking tool. Configuration possibilities are so wide, and the upsides to taking advantage are huge. Admins are at the center of this

Course Goals:

  • Manage your JIRA configuration

  • Leading efficient JIRA deployments


Agile development has helped teams excel at delivering quality software and minimizing waste. This course will give you the information you need to manage Agile projects, and how to track them within Jira.

Course Goals:

  • Make the most of your Agile team via processes/workflows

  • Leverage JIRA to build/track dev plans

  • Know / integrate Confluence, Bitbucket

  • Learn to use Jira Software for non-Agile methodologies


Forecast over a long period of time while managing long-term visions, weekly CI/CD releases, and everything in between. This course gives you the information you need to lead and forecast multiple initiatives across several teams.

Course Goals:

  • Latest features & benefits

  • Customize themes, initiatives, plans, release strategies & scope, multiple projects/teams

  • Team management & capacity awareness

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