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15 Ways To Protect Your Medical Practice From A Cyber Attack!


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✓ Move away from traditional methods of organization.

✓ Integrate your IT services into a Cloud structure, such as Microsoft office 365, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, etc. 

✓Streamline your services within a budget.

✓ 24/7/365 monitoring of network performance


✓ No waiting time to troubleshoot your issues.

✓ Keep your data safely backed up offsite, with incremental backups that can be replicated and stored for recovery in the event of a disaster or other emergency. 


✓ Your data is backed up offsite, but what about your voice, video, and databases? We offer comprehensive disaster recovery service solutions including virtual servers, server-less computing, and cloud hosting. 


✓ Continue business as usual even during a disaster.


✓ Get access to a comprehensive security solution that helps protect your critical data, sensitive information, and intellectual property from security threats.


✓ Threats include cyberattacks, insider fraud, malicious insiders, and the theft and loss of patient data.

✓ Our virtual CIOs provide you with the guidance, advice, and expertise you need to ensure that your technology strategy remains on track.


✓ Plan for your growth by working with you on a technology plan and mapping out requirements.


✓ Meet your business goals by analyzing your priorities and accelerating work toward them. 


✓ The CIO will assess how you're working with technology today and determine which solutions would be best for your future.

✓ Includes assessments, design, implementation, and management of the technologies needed in your organization.


✓ Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical processes.


✓ Evolve your organization's information systems to keep pace with the constantly evolving technology.


✓ Maximize the business value of a new technology system. 


✓ Training & full-time support of your organization's clinical IT staff.


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